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After working in the makeup industry for 20 years, I can not imagine doing anything else.


[ale_one_half] [ale_toggle title=”One of the best and most requested” state=”closed”] “I have worked with Michele for the last 15 years. She stands out as one of the best and most requested in her field. Her aesthetic is incredible, and she understands how to interact with talent and clients. She is upbeat, professional, and adds value to any photo or video project. She can take your concept and bring it to life. I cannot recommend her enough.” ~Michelle Daugharthy Photo Talent Specialist Hallmark Cards, Inc [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”A complete joy to work with” state=”closed”] “My name is Jeffrey Owen Hanson. I am a visually impaired artist from Overland Park, Kansas.I paint heavily textured acrylic canvases for clients and also for philanthropic events. In fact, my artwork will soon have generated ONE MILLION dollars for charity. Recently I started hand-painting dresses for Omaha Fashion Week. (as seen on YouTube) DRUMROLL… This is where Stylist Michele Taylor enters my life. I hired Michele for a recent photo shoot at the Kansas City Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. WOW…Michele made the day so much fun. My model, Toni Bennett was absolutely gorgeous. I want to thank Michele for being so professional, a complete joy to work with and now a new friend. I highly recommend Michele for any styling needs. In fact, I have already hired Michele to help make me look my best for my ONE MILLION BY 20 celebration this Fall. Every act of kindness helps create kinder communities, more compassionate nations and a better world for all … even one painting at a time.” ~Jeffrey Owen Hanson www.JeffreyOwenHanson.com [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”Isn’t afraid to take risks” state=”closed”] “I have worked with her on countless photo shoots and look flawless! When emceeing events, I know my makeup will be camera ready before, during and after my events, thanks to her “Picasso like” airbrushing skills. She takes her time, highlights your best features. isn’t afraid to take risks, is aware of the fashion game and creates a final product that will last. If you have a look you want to emulate, she can do it but BETTER! When people ask me for a makeup referral, hands down, it’s Michele Taylor!” ~Kelly Jones, Better Kansas City, Host (KCTV5) [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”Expertly applied product” state=”closed”] “When I’m working with Michele on a shoot not only do I get fabulous, on-trend looks but also expertly applied product that minimizes retouching in post-production.” ~Erin Calvin | Vice President Anthem Media Group [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”A professional that would always provide the highest quality makeup services” state=”closed”] “A number of years ago, my employer decided it appropriate to launch a national PR effort in which television appearances were expected. Eventually a member of my team appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg TV or Fox Business news weekly. Michelle was the constant for the team, providing makeup services. Her services were consistently excellent. When a spokesperson is to appear on national TV, the last worry needs to be about makeup. With Michelle on our team, we knew we were working with a professional that would always provide the highest quality makeup services available, no matter the time of day. Through thick or thin, I can always count on Michelle.” ~William B. Greiner, CFA Chief Investment Officer Mariner Wealth Advisors [/ale_toggle][/ale_one_half] [ale_one_half_last][ale_toggle title=”Professional. Thoughtful. Talented.” state=”closed”] “I am a children book author and illustrator and I have been sharing stories in this medium for over 10 years. I had the good fortune to work with Michele Taylor on 2 major projects “Olu’s Dream… The Musical” (A full stage community based musical) and a PSA project for a with Actor Taye Diggs and NFL safety Roman Harper for a reading program that is going out to over 80 schools. The nature of the video shoot was that of leaders encouraging children to read. With a full cast and crew Michele brought her amazing expertise and talents to this piece. Michele over saw details such as hair and makeup, wardrobe as well as assuring that the cast was fully prepared to be on camera in whatever way was needed. A team effort is required behind scenes and she made her self an essential support member and was a great go to person on set for all cast members. With “Olu’s Dream… The Musical!!! she played a FULL role in makeup, wardrobe and helping cast and crew arrange a this production. Michele was an amazing member of this one night affair that required so much focus, I was amazed at how she was able to help us achieve with little time to prepare. Creating content for media is based fully on story. How we project those stories is important as we share with audiences. The make up colors, hair, wardrobe and the human lines that we use to tell those stories compel the viewer into the message and Michele knows how to bring all of this together through her craft. Professional. Thoughtful. Talented. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her for any works that would call for her talents.” Sincerely ~Shane W. Evans Author/Illustrator [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”Michele is a seasoned professional that is always pushing” state=”closed”] “Over the past decade, I have worked with one hair and make up artist on more shoots than any other – Michele Taylor. A photo session can only be as good as the energy and first impression that is created in the make up chair and you can ALWAYS count on Michele to send talent to your lens that are not only prepared and empowered, but look and feel great. Michele is a seasoned professional that is always pushing, always bringing in new ideas that inspire her and keep her clients (and photographers) coming back for more. ” 🙂 ~Jeffrey Nicholson, LA Photographer/Director http://nicatnight.wix.com/synergypictures http://www.theshotphotography.com/ [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”Our go-to-choice for KC Magazine’s fashion shoots” state=”closed”] “Michele Taylor is our go-to-choice for KC Magazine’s fashion shoots. It’s crucial to work with a professional who’s flexible enough to instantly understand the look we’re trying to achieve, from ultra-glamorous to girl-next-door natural. She’s the behind-the-scenes magician who makes our model look amazing, then is there to re-touch when needed without being asked. Michele is dependable, talented, offers great insight for the project, and — perhaps best of all — remains calm and upbeat throughout a typical high-stress editorial photo shoot.” ~Katie Van Luchene, Executive Editor at This Is KC [/ale_toggle][ale_toggle title=”Working with Michele is so seamless” state=”closed”] “Working with Michele is so seamless. From start to finish, she thinks of every single detail and then goes beyond by adding things we didn’t even expect. I can’t wait to work with her again. Bravo!” ~Ron Sack Associate Creative Director Bailey Lauerman [/ale_toggle][/ale_one_half_last]